Monday, August 26, 2013

A Little Sunday Sewing

My first week back at the college interpreting (due to changes with Obama's health care laws I am not teaching because then I would have to really cut down on my interpreting hours because I have to stay "part time") went well.  I love that I get a new schedule each semester and it doesn't get boring.  I have great teams, students and for the most part teachers too.  
 We went up North this weekend for a celebration of my mom's birthday (and mine, Kathy's and my sister's too).  So here are my sister and I with my mom and her friend Jan is looking on.
 I sewed up eight blocks (easy for once) for the 35th Ave. BOM.  Then I made two of the four zipper pouch bags I cut out.  The top on has a tab, but I forgot to position it correctly, so it is on the inside--oh well!
Randy's daughter Rachel has come to Ohio (from Norway where she lives) with her almost one year old little guy.  I am getting a few things together for him to take when he visits her in two days.  She will most likely get one of these pouches, some dishrags and dish scrubbie, a fabric colored journal and whatever else I can think of.  I need to come up with something for the little guy too, he already has two quilts.  I should have been thinking of this sooner but hopefully I will come up with something!

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