Thursday, August 1, 2013

Vacation--All I Ever Wanted....(singing)

Last Wednesday, Kathy, my mom (Toni) and I hit the road late into the evening and drove all night to Roswell, New Mexico (from Phoenix, AZ) and we found ourselves some aliens!  We went to the museum and the best thing there (as far as I was concerned) was a cool UFO spaceship quilt above the door when you come in.  Roswell had HORRIBLE phone service so I could never get it to upload so I don't have it to show you yet.  However, we did go into a quilt shop and found another alien quilt and pattern which I really loved too!

 We stopped in Texas and picked up my aunt Nancy and though we had no extra space inside or outside the truck we had alot of fun.  We stopped and made total fools of ourselves taking pictures right off the highway by this HUGE statue of a cowboy.  That was fun!
We stopped for a pottie break and bumped into Amish quilts and baskets at a roadside stand.  Mom and Nancy both bought baskets.  
We stopped in Oklahoma City to see the memorial there.  It was amazing.  These chairs represent each of the victims (small chairs represent the children) and they are arranged in rows to represent the floors of the building.  So sad.  
I was trying to spot Quilt Barns for days before catching a glimpse of this one off the highway.  It wasn't in a place we could turn around and photograph, so I borrowed this picture of the internet.  Pretty sure this is the one we saw.
 Then finally we saw one we could get to and so took a side jaunt over and got some pictures of it!  I was finally satisfied, but wanting more!
 Of course the next morning I met up with my kids in Wisconsin at the Big Steer--who is of course a cheesehead!

 We took the kids to Irvine Park and took lots of pictures.  Mac, Hannah and her boyfriend Nathan!  That is all for now!

In the dead of night we also found this COOL quilt store but it was closed.  Got some pictures though!

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