Saturday, August 17, 2013

Bag Swapping and Swoon Marking

Today was the PHXMQG meeting and had a bag swap.  Eighteen of the thirty or so people who made it to the meeting participated in the swap.  There were lots of cute bags and I got the one below made by Jen, she even put her label on the inside which was a sweet touch and I will always remember who I got it from!  

 My elephant has finally made it onto some blue background step is figuring out what backing fabric I am going to use!   We will be sharing our embellishment challenge in October and this is what I plan to bring, if I can get it done.  Totally copying Danny but I LOVED her pillow.  Not sure that I will be keeping it, I have someone in mind to gift it to.
 I got the binding on this yesterday (and also on my mom's Halloween quilt that I haven't hauled outside for photographs) and in the process I sewed through my finger!  Seriously, through the nail and out through the back--it bled on both sides.  Luckily it didn't hit the bone and hopefully it will heal right up.  What a dork, but I guess it had to happen sometime!
 I also FINALLY sewed up a Swoon block for the Swoonalong2013!!!!  I really love this block even more in person than I do in pictures.  It is huge, 24 inches which is the biggest block I have ever sewn I think.  Tonight Kathy and I watched "Orange is the New Black" and I marked and pinned the other eight blocks that we have cut.  Tomorrow I am sewing with Becky and I am hoping to make progress on this quilt (set aside Lazy Sunday which was what I planned to work on because this quilt it calling to me!).


I am Just One Mom said...

How funny because Swoon is FINALLY calling me as well!

Sinta Renee said...

Gorgeous Swoon block!!!

Roslyn said...

The elephant is gorgeous,Andee!