Sunday, August 11, 2013

Paint the Day Red!

 Didn't realize how blurry this picture is til now but there is the evidence that I sewed ALL day long and it was so relaxing!  So here are the Jack in the Box Rainbow BOM blocks for this month and the bonus pinwheels for the border.  So excited to get so close to getting this quilt all together!
 I also ironed, trimmed and sewed last month's bonus pinwheels which were never quite gotten too.
 Kathy cut out our Kalediscope BOM (four strips of flying geese with black on one end) which we need for next weekend already and so i sewed mine up, she is half way done with hers too.  She did some grocery shopping and cooked us dinner and let me sew, sew, sew!
 I also pulled everything off my shelf (except the bottom row) and labeled and folded and reorganized things by color, etc.  It is looking so much better.  I keep thinking I want to do shop hop in September, but frankly what can I possibly need?  LOL I don't have much yellow or purple, but I have plenty of everything else!


Roslyn said...

Your geese look great Andee, I will be two months behind as of next Saturday, that's what comes of going on vacation!

Grit said...

Wonderful work.

Sheila said...

Beautiful blocks. LOVE those flying geese.

Kevin the Quilter said...

Your blocks look great, and I love those flying geese! Would you please come organize my stash?????