Monday, September 2, 2013

Long Sewing Weekend--Whoot Whoot!

 I worked a 15 hour day on Friday (first one job, then the other) and was so excited for three days of nonstop sewing!  Saturday morning I did do a bunch of cleaning that needed done, and reorganized my family tree stuff that needed a few hours of work.  Then I started sewing and only just now stopped!  I made these two zipper pouches to add to my Christmas gifties.

 I made (and later stuffed) this little monster softie.  Kathy and I may make ten or so of them for all the nieces and nephews if we get motivated.  It was fun to make!

 I sewed up one of these two "candyland" blocks for the Skillbuilder BOM which I really am not doing anymore.  LOL, I decided to just do the blocks that really appeal to me and not guilt myself over it.  Not really sure what in the world I will do with them unless I make them all into pillows, ha!
 Kathy and I got the border cut for Swoon and I attached it.  I am SO OVER THE MOON with this Swoon top.  I am so glad that Sarah started Swoonalong2013 and I didn't resist another year.  I have the backing all pieced and ready for Ros.  So nice to see all my Denyse Schmidt fabric going to use!  I have hoarded it long enough!

 Kathy also continued work on Twist of Fate.  This quilt has been hanging out forever..I started it at quilt camp and she has been working on it here and there.  It is about half way done and she has the other blocks done.  Love the visualness of the twisty design!
I spent many hours this weekend working on Lazy Sunday too!  This is the latest Bonnie Hunter mystery from Quiltmaker magazine.  (Bonnie's next mystery will be in November..who is with me?) The next two borders are quite complicated, lol but I got the next one made, just not attached and then I will make the last border and get it on.  It looks rather blah to me in this light, but the next border has green and the outer one has aqua so that should perk it up.  I made the binding in aqua already too.  Still need to decide on a back for this one and make it.
Seriously productive sewing weekend and we caught several movies while sewing which was nice too.  Tomorrow back to work but may get a chance to sew one of the nights this week--just want to get these borders on! :)


Kevin the Quilter said...

What an underachiever! YEAH RIGHT! Everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING looks amazing!

Roslyn said...

Hmmm Bonnie's quilts are bot usually blah but you're right this one appears to have less personality than the usual.
We were studying your swoon blocks Monday to try & figure out where they came from, & Jacki noted the similarity with "Carpenter's Star".
I really like your latest skill builder block it's very striking.
The first pic originally looked like flip flops to me ,LOL, then I saw it is owls?