Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Borders in Progress!

Kathy and I spent a few hours sewing tonight and made some progress on our quilts.  She is working on Twist of Fate and got the rest of the top together and the first of three borders on the quilt.  We discovered that the kit we bought in 2007 (this is my oldest ufo, lol) shorted us on a yard of fabric!
 So she has a dark border and then hopefully a green border if we can find the fabric again...otherwise we will make due with a scrappy green border since we have several fat quarters of various shades of green.  I love the puzzle like look of this quilt and am so glad Kathy decided to take it and run with it.  It was one of those quilts that I just kept putting last in line!
Meanwhile, I attached the green hst border to Lazy Sunday and have been working on piecing the final aqua border.  I don't think that is getting attached before bed, it will wait another day!  I wanted to have it done by the time Bonnie did a link up--I think she said in September, but I can't locate the info on her blog just now.  I can't wait to get this one outside and photograph it in the sun too, the lighting in here doesn't do it justice, it just looks washed out to me but really it is quite pretty!
I am SO very tickled to be finished up three quilts (well one Kathy did, lol) this week so I can get to some of the other projects that are waiting for me!  I NEED to get back to Hawaii Sunset...I think that one is coming out as soon as this one is done!  WHOOT WHOOT!


Shannon said...

Great quilts!! I love the look of both of them!!

Moneik said...

The quilts look great. It's alway fun to finish something, but even better to start back on a different project.