Sunday, March 25, 2012

Here is my new t-shirt, it says Bonnie's #1 fan on the back! Can't wait to wear it. I sewed another bag that is four for Christmas Through the Year and I have two more done already. Love it!

Decided to add a border to the Lil' I took the leftover bits and added a border to it, cut out the squares and sewed it together. I should have added the border in the first place, I don't recommend this method, lol!

I still love how each of these turns out. Just so cute! I am sure this one will be a Christmas gift for someone, I will add it to be to be quilted list.
I had a relaxing weekend and feel like I didn't really do much of anything, but I suspect I needed that. Christine and I presented our workshop last Friday "Math: Factoring Out the Confusion" and we got great written and verbal feedback! We are happy with how it went and planning to do it again.


Roslyn said...
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Roslyn said...

No I wouldn't recommend this method either Andee, it almost put me in panic mode just thinking of it!
Love the T shirt will you wear it Saturday? You know BJ & I will want one then,LOL!