Saturday, March 17, 2012

Christmas Throughout the Year for March

Hunted through my stuff to come up with an idea of what to make for Christmas Through the Year and decided to go with the "Simple Bag" from one of my books. I have made lots of these bags and always get hung up on how to do the last step. I confuse it with a bag that gets turned out through the lining. This time I made a note on my pattern to help me remember this one isn't like that and to stop overthinking it! Randy and DJ and I each had a bag and were trying every possible combination to flip it out when there was nowhere to flip it through...eventually the brain kicked in and I remembered how to do it. I read the directions eight times aloud and in sign and STILL!! LOL, but three bags are made and if I am in the mood I may try to do a few more. These work well for gifts stuffed with color books, crayons, or whatever we pick up. DJ's nieces and nephews don't have them and there are nine of them so I may be making six more!
So I still need to tie the Eye Spy Two quilt...I did get the backing (put corduroy on it and no batting) on it and the edge stitching done a few days ago, but that is all the progress on that UFO. Other than that the only other thing I *have to* sew this month is Civil War Baskets Quilt for my doll quilt group. I think that one will be fun so I saved it for last.

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raima said...

nice bags but colour combination should improve

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