Sunday, March 4, 2012

Eye Spy Two

Worked on UFO #8 for Judy's drawing for March today. Here is the flimsy for Eye Spy Two. I really like this simple pattern. I have lots more squares but was trying not to get any duplicates (hmmm see the monkeys twice?) but that is fine I am not ripping! I have a bin with more squares this size though duplicates, 3 1/2 inch size squares and some hexagons I have been piling up. If I have time this month I may go for more flimsies, but if not I am going to try to get this one tied up for a future baby so I can cross number 8 off my list!
Spent much of my day working on the math workshop Christine and I are giving this month. It seems like the more we do..the more there is to do! We made great progress today and I feel good about where we are, but I am missing my sewing time!


Roslyn said...

I like this a lot Andee the visual is great. You have been very busy the past few days I see!

Cheryl said...

I think this is my favorite eye spy quilt ever!! Love the way it is set. Great job.