Sunday, September 26, 2010

Some Progress on Bindings and Such

Only have one picture to prove it, but I made bindings and attached them and have about half this first one hand sewed down. This is the Rural Jardin binding that matches the quilt.
I also did a scrappy binding for the yellow Flock of Trianges quilt and a scrappy binding for the Civil War Puddle Jumping Mystery Quilt.
The only other sewing that happened was that I finally finished up my Quilt History exchange blocks (15 total) for the December exchange. Rather happy to have that behind me.
I am pretty sure I am only going to do one more Amy's Passions block so that I can make one more quilt instead of two. I just am too frustrated for the small pieces in the blocks. I can do them if I do it as in Bonnie's mysteries where she tells you the size of the mini block. I can adjust so things come out right. However, when doing one random block I just can't always manage it. The last four I have just look hard to me. I have enjoyed the challenge up til now but just know I will get frustrated if I keep on.
I have been reading "Lonesome Dove" for my online bookgroup (BookiesToo) and am really enjoying the story. I also picked up the miniseries that Hallmark made of it and have watched a good bit of it but prefer to read the end before seeing it so am trying to hold off on the end!

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Megan said...

Ooohh, French General. I can't wait to see the finished product! Don't be shy now - keep giving us sneak peeks!