Thursday, September 23, 2010

Short Story: The End

I guess I should go back and update my final parade of Schnibbles to show the bound and done Short Story Schnibbles quilt! I am happy with how it came out despite my not trimming it at the time. It is a bit bigger than some of the Schnibbles, but looks good! I am planning to give this to Kathy's sister Kelly unless I change my mind again and give her Joy Luck instead. Smile, we will see how I feel come wrapping day!
Our little bush is flowering out front and despite the Arizona heat is looking good so I couldn't resist a second picture of the same quilt. I am sure my neighbors think I am wacko...I am always trekking outside with various "blankets" and the camera....from their view they must really wonder what in the heck I am doing!
Went to Quilt History class tonight after missing the last three meetings. Really enjoyed myself and learned lots. Maybe this weekend I will share some of it on here. Roberta is so knowledgable I really wish she would write some books. Seriously. I tell her that pretty much every month too.
I did work a bit on my Quilt History Exchange Blocks for our December meeting. I did the rest of the trimming of the 4.5 inch sections and sewed up two more blocks (ten are now done) and the last five blocks are pinned and ready for sewing. Should complete them this weekend. I was not real thrilled to be doing the exhange (versus making a block a month myself) but now that it is getting closer and people are sharing the blocks they chose I am getting excited. One is doing applique airplanes and another a completely hand sewed I should get another neat quilt out of it.
Other than that I plan to do some binding this weekend. Still have three quilts sitting here waiting for me to get going on that. Kathy works all weekend so there should be plenty of time for it. Hoping to spend some time with June has been weeks I think!


Roslyn said...

Will you do a post o all twelve Andee? That would be fun to see.
Give my love to June-we will be back in AZ tomorrow then Tuesday I go to CO.for fall retreat.

GravityAnn said...

Your quilt is crazy adorable. Love it.