Sunday, September 19, 2010

Shop Hop Day Two and More

Today I whipped up a little doll quilt for Ayla for Christmas. I just used leftover charm squares. Nothing spectacular, but her doll baby should be warm.

I also made and attached the binding for Short Story in Figgy Pudding.

Pinned it...have just started hand binding it while watching football today.

Pretty impressive stack of fabric I bought on the shop hop yesterday huh? I think I am officially out of control! I need to get sewing!
I finally bought this book though I didn't think it had as much information on the history of barn quilts as I would have liked. I need to go through it slower. I doubt I will be making one of these but I love the idea of it and want to know more.

Here is the fabric spread out so you can see. I got quite a bit of it on the clearance section for really good prices. Stuff I paid full price for I was really in love with. Those there lights with snowflakes on them just had to come home with me. I want to put them in the next Bonnie quilt as shirtings. That black with the flowers is Mary Englebreit fabric...June did her Carolina Christmas mystery with a similar fabric for her background and I loved, LOVED, loved I want to use this in a similar way I think.

You can see I found three grays. I was really happy about that because I think grey is often an overlooked color and I want to do a quilt that features it. That little pink calico just called to me and that cream with the different colored swirl/circle designs on it is the same line as my Bargello Seasons quilt has in it in various colors. It may wind us as the backing for that or something, but I had to have it. The black with the larger colored flowers I also love. I think it would be good for Ann's NYE mystery this year. She usually tells us to have a focus fabric and that may work. I hope I have enough of it, if that is what it goes for. You can also see the figgy pudding fabric which has mostly already become the binding for Short Story.

Here is a picture of most of BJ's purchases. She got a gift for a friend, and lots of fabric. We both bought two of the same fabrics which we got a kick ut of.
I also wanted to show you the clipping from the Spooner Advocate that my sister and I had put in in memory of our dad. I can't believe it has been a year. I found the poem by author unkown on the internet and made a few changes so it would apply to our situation.

And MYSTERY SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading here if you will be making the shop hop mystery and don't want a peak at one version of how it comes out. I have all the clues and would like to make it but it isn't at the top of my current list. I have bindings to put on four quilts, and Carolina Crossroads needs to get done, my quilt history blocks need to get done, my quilt along nine patch/snowballs need to get done, and another QOV from the Amy's Passions blocks needs one more block and then to be put together as well. I also have Pineapple Blossoms in progress with one four blocks done. Plenty to keep me busy!

Enchantment, this one on display at Quiltz.
Oh and I am doing well on my bike almost every day and am down 4 pounds this week! (Total loss 14 pounds!).


Roslyn said...

Keep up the biking & the WW's Andee.
You are so far ahead already planning for Anne's NY eve mystery. Maybe we need to have a sleep over with BJ & all work on it together!
I am a little envious of you & BJ but NEXT year I want to come too!
he mystery is lovely-are you going to make it?
It is cool in Boston!

Jeanne said...

Nice pile of fabrics to add to your stash!