Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Joy Luck Schnibbles is Done!

Wanted to show you this cute pincushion I got from Gma Nan. I also got needles, a good pair of scizzors, some buttons and a few quilt patterns, a rotary cutter and blades, and two cutting mats. My cousins both sew and got some of her sewing stuff too (I really had most of it so didn't want to cram it on the plane) but of all the sewing stuff I got, I am glad I got to add to my little pincushion is so homely, it is cute!

And Joy Luck!

Joy Luck Schnibbles has been quilted and awaits a label but otherwise is complete. I had planned on giving this to my sister-in-law Kelly, but she may get the last Schnibble because I really, really like this one now that it is all done. Tough to part with this babies!

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Linda said...

Here I thought the apple was in honor of all the teachers starting school today! :)

I'm glad you were able to have some of Nan's sewing things. Your Joy Luck loos great. I like the contrast of colors.