Monday, September 6, 2010

Flock of Triangles is Quilted!

I made and handsewed labels on the quilt for Megan's baby (and gave it to her) and on my Joy Luck Schnibbles quilt two days ago.
Ros has been busy quilting away and has completed my Flock of Triangles quilt from Denyse Schmidt's book. I am not sure I can give this one away now!

The back shows the quilting really well. I need to whip up a binding for this one...should I go with a solid yellow, scrappy or white do you think?

I also spent some time searching the web trying to come up with good ideas for Christmas gifts to make. I have nine boys (all but one under age 8 or so) on Kathy's side alone...ideas I found included checkerboard (not all are old enough to play and can't do a board for each as that would be silly), shooting target (not a big fan of guns so I hate to encourage that), lunch bags (would boys really get into that?), beanbags (kind of boring, but okay), or PJ pants (could be fun with the right fabric). I may make a school colors pillow for the fourteen year old. I already made two pillowcases for two of the boys. In the past I have made quilts, bags filled with fun stuff, etc. I would love to hear from people with good, simple, inexpensive ideas! I bought a PJ pattern today so I know I will be making some for someone..plenty of kids on my list besides these boys, but trying to get ahead.


Dianne said...

WOW! Love it! I love that we (the quilting world) are embracing solids more readily these days. It makes for some wonderfully graphic quilts.

Roslyn said...

I vote for a scrappy binding, Andee.