Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Best Gets some Binding and a Backing

Fabric on the right above is the backing for Walk in the it together this morning so it can go to Ros soon! Not sure who is getting this quilt but happy to have it almost to the next step! This one was my challenge that my readers voted I should get done by July, and it is looking like it is going to happen!
I also made and attached the binding for my Sunday Best Schnibble though it still needs to be handsewn. I had made a bunch of bindings awhile back and thought I was all caught up and last night I discovered I had forgotten to make the binding for this one, but have the binding done for the one I just gave to Ros to quilt! FUNNY...guess I am sewing too much to keep track of things or something.
I am also working on the handbinding for Kathy's NYE 2009 quilt and it is getting close to done...once it is complete I will get to this little cutie! This is another one I am not sure where it is the versatility of it since the backing is Denyse Schmidts gorgeous quilt like fabric.
Hoping to go to June's this afternoon and work on Tagalong and maybe cut out the fabric for Isabella's baby quilt.

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