Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sewing with Tiffany

Not the greatest of pictures but here is the backing for the 2009 Quilt History Quilt. It will wind up being the opposite direction of the front blocks. I passed it on to Ros (along with last month's Schnibble Quilt) for quilting and she gave me a Schnibble back all quilted! I need to get binding on it. I also stopped at Quiltz since I was going up to my brother's place which is near there...went in for backing for my Walk in the Park quilt, but wound up with the rest of the fabric I need for my cousin Patricia's baby girl (Isabella, born a few days ago!) and a backing for the kit I bought Kathy as well as some stuff I just fell in love with that reminded me of Norway!

After shopping I went over to my brother's place and sewed with his gf Tiffany. My sister joined us and made drinks and entertained our adorable nephew. My brother spend the day yelling at the Suns....apparently this did not win. A really bad picture, but I finally whipped up a tablerunner for my sister. It is a funky fabric (like a fake leather or something) but she is happy she can cover up her beat up dining room table.

I made some curtains for their kitchen. Tiffany was very happy to have them done and hung. Me too!

Another not the best pic (camera batteries died and took this with cell phone) but I made two of these little for Sam and Tif's bedroom and one for their bathroom. Really pretty fabric Tif picked out, though Sam wasn't so sure!

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