Sunday, April 11, 2010

An Amy's Passions Block and some Handwork

Kathy cut my three April Amy's Passions blocks (except what I need to cut with the Tri Recs rulers) and I whipped this one up and the four patches for another one. This is is called Housewife. It turned out pretty good! I am working on my ironing skills so as to make things come out nicer in the end. Pressing but not pulling.
I also picked up our two quilted NYE mystery quilts from this last NYE. I trimmed them both the other night and added the binding by machine and last night while watching "Inglourious Bastards" I working on the handbinding on this has a bit to go.

On the way to Disney I put these little hexagons together too. I thought I would make a doll baby quilt for Ayla for Christmas. Loving that little birdie! Earlier today I repotted my indoor plant and put two new ones in the planters outside. I will get a picture of it later on but it is an Oleandar is supposedly doesn't need a ton of water so it might live a bit longer than the last two things we planted in that pot. Turned on the AC today (and it works!) because it was already in the 80's in the house, or at least it felt like it! Off to see Kathy's nephew.


scraphappy said...

Wow, you've been busy. The BOM looks great!

Barb said...

Love your blocks and hexies...