Thursday, April 29, 2010

NYE 2009 Quilts are Both Bound and Done!

This is just the picture of the flimsy, but the sun has set and I couldn't get a good picture of Kathy's NYE quilt in the house now that I completed the binding on it. This one is Melanie (Kathy's niece in Mass).
And this one is mine which is for another one of Kathy's neices (Shannon in Mass). They are sister's and aren't expecting these little gifts which makes it all the more fun to suprise them! We need to stick labels on the back and they pop them in the mail.

The last picture is both quilted and bound and folded to go!


Miss 376 said...

They will be thrilled, and the colours make them look so different

Roslyn said...

Those two girls will be SO excited, Andee!
And your Schnibbles is finished & on my blog!

Are we going to get together tomorrow? I can be available!