Friday, July 10, 2009

When you get behind...

I feel like I am behind in my blogging and the more behind I get the less I want to blog. Smile, so first off I participated in an all day anniversary celebration with my NewQuiltingClub yahoo group two weeks ago and I won (by default since the real winner had already won and graciously passed her prize on to me! Thanks Sandy) this fabric, cards and needles from Dianne! I love the lime and red fabrics I happily added them to my drawer! Next, the voting on my UFO's...I had three votes for Bargello Seasons, five for the Stars Quilt, and six for the A Walk in the Park Quilt which is the most complicated finish but the one I will start on! Most of the comments came in on the post, but some were emailed to me from people in my online quilting groups. I am happy to know that at least fourteen people read and take the time to comment on my blog! Thanks. So up soon will be:

I crocheted another dishrag. I used a different free pattern which I really liked. It took me awhile to loosen up so it got wider as I went. I really have to focus to not crochet tightly when I start a project. I will make another of these and try to loosen up!
Next up...I wanted to show you my previous knitting trials since I started knitting class last Tuesday...I ripped out these to start again after taking the pictures and they are from several years ago when my mother and my Grandma Nan tried to teach me knitting! They both knit left handed and I am not left handed so it was really tough for me to do it the way they showed me.

The last picture is when I finally caught on but then put it away! So now I am relearning with the purple yarn. Have a few holes, but overall feeling pretty comfortable now with casting on and the knit stitch!

I am really hoping to make my binding for my Double Delight quilt today....I have the cute polka dot fabric all set and just need to get to it!

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Sue said...

That is a nice prize you won. You are flying with your crochet. I make face cloths to practise new knit stitches...good fun. Your knitting is looking good. If you can knit right handed, you are much better off! Less confusing than reversing the patterns. I'm a leftie, but knit right handed. The Missus is one, too and plays the guitar right handed. Sometimes it is more practical to adapt!