Friday, July 10, 2009

Binding for Double Delight, Progress on CJ's Blanket and a Bday Gift for Tina

I finally whipped up the polka dotted binding for my Double Delight you can see it and the background fabric all ready to go with the top to the quilter. I can't wait to send it off and then get it back! This one will go on our bed and change the look of the whole room!

This is the progress on CJ's blanket....I have two more skeins of yarn to go and then I think it will be large enough. I am just using up what I had in yarn laying around...though I did buy two more to add to it..not a work of art, but he will like it!

I just stayed several nights at my sister's house and she didn't have pillowcases on two of the pillows in my room. It is a long story, but she packet all her extra sheets when she thought the owners of her house needed to move in and she needed to move out..(I helped) then they decided to stay where they were for the time being though at some point will move back into her she didn't unpack everything and now she is lacking some her bday is in August and I made her these pillowcases out of some of the Goodwill fabric I found...very inexpensive type gift that I am sure will be appreciated. They whipped up in no time too! So finally a little bit of sewing...really enjoyed it while listening to Jane Austen's "Northanger Abbey."


Miss 376 said...

I love the backing fabric you have chosen and I am sure CJ will love his blanket

Sue said...

Ohhh, DD will look wonderful when it is quilted. CJ will love his blanket...It was made with love. Those pillowcases are very cute.