Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I think I didn't show a picture of the pincushion I got from the exchange on my NewQuilingClub Yahoo group. It is this little star. There was a mix up and mine was the only one not to arrive by the start date (the gal sent me a quilt meant for someone else and I think that person got my pincushion which was supposed to be a cute little ladybug) but it did happily arrive a few days later. The button fell off in the mail and my dog liked it so now it has that "charm" of being well loved. I put it up on a shelf we hung in the quilting studio so I can display my little pincushion collection. Thanks Ruth!

I went over to June's (and BJ came too) last Sunday for a few hours. I worked on these larger than life pear pincushions and finished them up today. I think if I make more I will do them a bit smaller so they look a bit more real! One is going to my collection, and the other will go to someone for Christmas I think. I used leftover scraps (see the lining and Amy Butler fabric from my hat?) and also used my new lime prize fabric...I think they turned out cute. I added some new leaf pins and they are ready to go!

Also at June's I worked on clue one for Holiday Lights. I have 24 more of the last block to do and then they all need trimming, no picture of those yet.


Sue said...

Those are adorable pears....and your exchange pincushion is very cute....I think your dog's reaction was very typical of a pet....They always want to get in on the action, don't they?

Miss 376 said...

i love the pear pincushions, they look fabulous