Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Weekend in Burbank, CA with a Visit to Hollywood!

Last Thursday I flew to Burbank for a few days of job training for my new video relay interpreting job. Despite the full plane both ways the trip was great. I made a few new friends, learned how to receive calls for the company and even got a quick trip to Hollywood via subway in!

These pictures are borrowed from the web since the only pics I took are on my cell phone and I don't know how to get them off yet. One gal had a camera and if I get those pics from her I will add them in...so I didn't see this Hollywood sign, but I looked for it! We rode the subway (first time ever for me) and I can't say I am excited to do it again. There was a guy down there playing Michael Jackson on keyboard and a crowd listening to him so that was neat. We got off the subway on the Hollywood Walk of Fame street and walked up and down it. Saw the Chinese Theatre and took a pic of John Wayne's footprint mainly because it is the one Lucy stole on I Love Lucy show and it was neat to see what they were refering to in the show.

We also walked up the stairs to the Kodak theater where they lay the red carpet out. Beautiful and very cool to see something that I have only seen on TV!
I also got to see Michael Jackson's star on the Walk of Fame. There was STILL a crowd around it despite the fact that it had been almost three weeks since he had died. Everyone was taking pictures and such. I took one (not this one like I said) too. There were a few people playing his music, and dresssed up like him posing for pictures with people. The later in the night it got the more crowded the street got! We went in and had some ice cream at the Disney Ice Cream Shop and by the time we left it was packed. Also, something had happened near the MJ star and crowd since many fire trucks had arrived and were still arriving. We left before it got crazier!
The only crafting I did was each night in my fabulous hotel room I worked on the first block my new crochet group decided to do. It is a free online pattern and since the group met last Thursday while I was in flight I tried to do it on my own. I think I got it mostly right. I used yarn I already had but may pick up some coordinated stuff to redo it...I just wanted to at least practice crocheting. Nice to be able to read the pattern on my own.
Last night we went and saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince at the theater. I had forgotten how most of it went and the ending was sad! The movie was good, though I read others didn't think it was true enough to the book. Good thing I read it several years ago and can't recall many of the details they may have taken creative license with.
Update on the tomatoes and peppers. Note to self, don't try to grow anything but cactus in Arizona's summer heat. We watered and watered and they turned yellow from scorching...will plant again in the fall I think.
I am happy to be home and back to a normal schedule until I leave for the RID conference in PA in a few weeks!


Miss 376 said...

Such a sense of accomplishment to read a pattern, now I know how people who don't knit feel about knitting patterns.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

One question Andee; what is RID? Are you nearing the start of school yet? Are you still going to be the teacher's realm with your job?

I have yet to have a training where the time outside of training hours takes me to places like Hollywood!!! Thanks for sharing with us.