Saturday, July 25, 2009

Holiday Light Step One Complete

I finished sewing up all the step one clues for Bonnie Hunter's Holiday Lights Mystery (in Quiltmaker) tonight. I then spent some time trimming them up.

I am excited to finally have this clue was nice to take my time and enjoy it since I knew there was two months before the next clue came out--but that is right around the corner now so I wanted to get this done. Not sure who this one will be for or if I can part with it. Bonnie has a way of making me fall in love with scrap quilts! My DD is still sitting here though in the box. I need to call my quilter in Wisconsin and see about sending it out to her. I have two baby circus quilts in another box waiting on another quilter who is in the middle of moving but will do them for me when she gets settled.

Found out yesterday my dad (Lenny, I have two dads ;)) in Wisconsin has a new and most likely improved kind of cancer. He had throat cancer almost two years ago and went to the brink of death to get rid of having trouble swallowing and talking again....he will get more tests this next week to find out how far it has spread and such, but they are pretty sure he has it on his lip and in at least the one lymph node. He mentioned survival was about one in six. Please pray that my father doesn't suffer and that if he can't beat this he just goes peacefully. I hate cancer and with all my being want to die just about any other way. My sister happens to be in Wisconsin at the moment on a quick visit so I am happy she will get to see him and hug him and smooch him for the both of us, I dang near bought a ticket to fly out to see him for a few days but I go to PA on Friday night and just got back from CA and I hate to be squished on planes! So I will settle for phone calls and email for now. Thanks for your prayers! Here is a pic from two summers ago when my dad was going through the first sister Tina, Dad and me.


Miss 376 said...

Will be thinking of you at this time

Becky said...

Sorry to hear about your dad, I will keep him in my prayers.