Friday, January 6, 2017

Midnight Flight Workshop with Nimble Thimbles!

 Our guild waited two long years to get Bonnie Hunter back for another workshop!  It was worth the wait for Midnight Flight!  I learned new things again and had a really enjoyable day with my quilting buddies and Bonnie.
 She gives lots of demos of everything from how to cut your fabric so it measures right, how to get your quarter inch seam right and how to use the rulers required for the pattern used in the workshop.  I love her bonus ruler that comes with the essential triangle tool (which replaces the easy angle and companion angle ruler she used to use but had no affiliation with) because with it you get a perfect bonus triangle that is a useable size instead of one you have to cut down..simply but drawing the seam line correctly!  Saves loads of time and less waste!
Borrowed this picture from Bonnie since I am in it.  This is our table..all old friends with one new gal who was new to sewing joining in. 
 We always have show and tell after lunch and it is so fun to see other quilts!  Kathy showed off her Allietare! 
 Becky showed off Garden Party.  She made this for her son and I love that it came out boyish!  She used boy scout fabric someone gave her and tucked in a few mom blocks too!  I hope the strip I have her wound up in there somewhere! 
 I showed off my Garden Party too.  Can you spot the ladybug?  Becky and I started these quilts in October 2015 on the Quiltville Caribbean Cruise so later we got a picture with both quilts and Bonnie. 
 I also showed off my Allietare!  I love that this quilt was inspired by copper mugs (of Moscow Mule) on the beach--Rocky Point, Mexico to be precise!
 I had about an arm's length of binding to go but I shared my Talkin' Turkey too.  So happy that one is almost done.  Life has been so busy--I put the binding on this on Tuesday morning about 6 AM and spend every spare second at work (when on hold with a customer--I interpret phone calls) working on the binding Tuesday and Wednesday in an attempt to get it done!

 Terry shared the start of this year's mystery--En Provence!  Loving it.  I had hoped to have this much together to share too, but I am still on the last part of the last clue before block assembly.  I plan to get at least this much done this weekend so I can link up!
 Kathy and I had a great day with Bonnie and we are excited to be making a Midnight Flight baby quilt together.
The top left block and lower right blocks are ours (after some unsewing let me tell you!) and bottom left is Barb's in Christmas fabrics.  Laura's (so fun to sit with her and her mom at the  workshop)is on the bottom middle and top right is Becky's.  She had to pick up the chitlins from school so she did not have time to fix her flipped blocks until she got home...
 Others finished their blocks too but we were so short on time we did not get a picture of all the blocks.  Bonnie has more pictures of them on her blog this morning though! 
After cleaning up the church Terri and I went with Bonnie to the antique mall!  More on that in another post!
 It was a fabulous day with friends and Bonnie and new memories made!


Kevin the Quilter said...

What a wonderful day it looks like you had! I wish the guilds in St. Louis would have Bonnie here more often! All of the quilts from everyone look magnificent! I love your rainbow TT!

scraphappy said...

Oh what fun! That Talking Turkey is so fabulous!

Vireya said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all! How did the gal who was new to sewing cope with it? It must have been information overload for her!

All the finished quilts are so inspiring.

Quilter Kathy said...

So so lucky to have such a fun day!

Sandra Kaye said...
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The Joyful Quilter said...

What a FUN day!! That baby quilt is going to be SEW cute!!!