Sunday, January 15, 2017

2016 Block of the Month for January

 I bought this cute little hedgehog (that I keep calling a porcupine) from Bonnie at her workshop.  It holds my Bernina bobbins, scissors and pins too and sticks to my machine.  Bonnie says she has one she uses in the car for hand sewing--sticks it right to her window.  I LOVE THAT idea and hope to remember to take it roadtripping with me down the line.
 I sewed at Becky's with her and Suzy today.  We even watched QuiltCam!  Becky made a fabulous sweet and sour meatball dinner which I loved.  She shared her recipe and I am going to print it and add it to my cookbook.  I sewed up the new 35th Ave. BOM and then made two of the Bonnie's Straits of Mackinac in purple since that is what SoScrappy picked for the color of the month.  I skipped her challenge last year (so busy hiking I think) but I missed it and missed blogland so I going to do my darndest to participate again this year.  I love that we can pick an block or project we want and link up to show off our progress and be motivated by our fellow quilters who also linked up.
 My daughter asked me to make a few eye spy baby quilts for a few friends of hers who are having babies.  I don't usually do that sort of thing because I have too much I want to sew to add what others want, but my daughter does not ask me for much and we agreed she would buy me some online fabric as "payment" and so we are both happy and hopefully the babies will be too.  I got this one together today as the Packers were winning--tied--winning today!  I have another one with the blocks all cut and ready to go. I plan to tie them both and get them out the door soon.
I am scheduled to teach three ASL classes again this semester so that has been keeping me busy (prepping--one class has a new curriculum) but I really enjoy it and am looking forward to it!  I am doing well on the eat right and exercising front too.  Down 111.4 and going up and down a pound or two mostly but steadily (SLOWLY) going down so I will take it.  I need to get back out and hike.  I just have not done it since my knee healed--I swear I never slow down.  I really enjoyed sewing, watching the game, blogging and updating Pinterest today.  Just enjoying a day!


The Joyful Quilter said...

Welcome back to the RSC!! I missed you last year and will be looking forward to your progress on Straights of Mackinac.

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