Thursday, December 10, 2015

Nimble Thimbles Holiday Party 2015

Here are all the little quilts that the ladies (and one gentleman) made for our Nimble Thimbles President's Challenge.  I was amazed at how many there were and at how unique they all were!  

 Suzie (our current President) made the one above.  She made it from disappearing blocks (start out like the ones in the corners and change to the other blocks depending on what you do with them) and included buttons on it because one of our past members who is no longer with us told stories of hiding buttons all over her house so the kids would find them when she was gone and think of her.  I love that idea and may have to do that when my time comes!

 The one above was Darlene Reid's. It was my favorite of all of them. She is one talented lady.
 The one above was the tiniest!
 This one has the least amount of red!

 Of course the one above is my "Making Tracks to Guild".
 Loved this one with the redwork and quilt barns!
 This one was Kathy my sewing buddy's.  Love her links metaphor.

Thought you might enjoy the parade as I did!  We will be hanging the completed ones in the quilt show. I have never done an AQG show so I am excited to get to do it!

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