Monday, December 28, 2015

26 Books to read in 2015!

Bringing up Burns posted a reading challenge last December which I thought would be fun to participate in---so I did!  
a book you own but haven’t read--J. Jackson "Gods in Alabama"

a book that was made into a movie--A. Weir "The Martian"

a book you pick solely because of the cover--B Crouch "Snowbound"

a book your friend loves--S. Dallas "The Persian Pickle Club"

a book published this year--H. Howey "Beacon"

a book by an author you’ve never read before--R.D. Rosen "Such Good Girls"

a book by an author you love--M. Binchy "Minding Frankie"

a book at the bottom of your “to-read” pile--P. Larson "Run"

a book with a color in the title--A. Bender "The Particular Sadness of Sadness of Lemon Cake"  (lemon is a color right?)

a book set somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit--A. Weir "The Martian"

a book you started but never finished--M. Binchy "A Week in Winter"

a book with a lion. a witch. or a wardrobe--J. Riley "Story Thieves"

a book with a female heroine--C. Claire "City of Bones"

a book set in the summer--M. Berwin "Hot House Flower"

a book of poems--N. Hasimi "The Pearl that Broke it's Shell"

a book you learned about because of this challenge--R. Sloan "Mr. Penumbra's 24 Hour Bookstore"

a book that will make you smarter--J.F. Baylan "She's Not There"

a book with a blue cover--S. Casey "The Wave"

a book you were supposed to read in school. but didn’t--(I read everything that was assigned so this didn't apply to me!) but R. Cormier "I am the Cheese" was apparently read in lots of high schools..not mine so I read that.

a book “everyone” but you has read --J. Picoult "Leaving Time"

a book with a great first line--C. Dickens "A Tale of Two Cities"

a book with pictures--S. Luxemberg "Annie's Ghosts"

a book from the library--K. Donahue "The Boy Who Drew Monsters"

a book you loved, read it again--J. Windham "The Day of the Triffids

a book that is more than 10 years old--S. Schaller "A Man Without Words"

a book based on a true story--R. Santorum "Bella's Gift"

In total I read 47 books this year and started many more.  I never get enough reading time though I do listen to audiobooks sometimes in the car, quilting studio or hiking.  I always wish I could read more but I do have to sleep!


Angie said...

Wow! I've always been a bookworm, but slowed down on reading books lately - too many blogs to read! You've inspired me to get back to reading actual books!

Andra Gayle said...

I loved "The Martian" and "Leaving Time"! That's a lot of reading! I'm a High School Librarian and don't get that many books read! I listen in the car on a daily basis also. I don't get as much quilting done as you do either. I think I have a technology addiction that is breaking into my productive time. I also have a husband who likes me to watch TV with him or he feels lonesome. Just need to have my hand binding ready for those times. I want to be more productive this year. Wish me luck!