Sunday, December 27, 2015

Merry Christmas from Arizona--and Linky # 5!

 Spent a nice Christmas with my family in New River.  We did white elephant gifts and games for gift cards in addition to "downsizing" gifts for each other.  Kathy got me this fabric for "Modern Maples" if I want to use it for that..I am not sure yet.

 She also got me this cute ornament by Jim Shore that I had to have!
 We finally hung a few more mini quilts above our design wall.

 Got these two sewing themed pictures that light up too, left from Mom and Dad and right from Kathy (I picked it out).  Already have them hung.  It was a productive day today (after 5 days of horrendous migraines) we paid bills and organized stuff for taxes, did some cleaning and then I declared I was showering, putting on fresh jammies and sewing all day!  And I did!

 I completed clue 5 of Allietare!  Here is what all the parts look like so far!  Linking up with Bonnie at Quiltville!
 I Skyped some with Barb today and she explained to me how to make a ten minute tablerunner for Margie.  I did not send her a box yet and all I had for her is a little flamingo so this will be good for her, she has the same fabric in a quilt I made her years ago.

 When I posted the picture of my completed step 5, my online blogging buddy Kevin the Quilter sweetly told me to take a look at one of the blocks...yep, sewed it wrong!  So I took it apart and promptly redid it--WRONG AGAIN!  So the two is my take two!
 Third time was the charm, I got it right...HAHA!  I only had to unsew two other ones but who knows there might be more hiding deeper in the stacks!
 I then did some cleaning in here and finally put the binding on the quilt I use as a mat under my machine.  Not sure why I never did it before now.
 I also quilted and bound herringbone. Again waited its turn far too long!  So nice to have some finishes!
 My brother's ex wife gave me this sweet little quilty angel for Christmas.  Really surprised me and I hung her up in the quilting studio.  I just love this space, makes me happy just to sit in here and look around!
I also started sewing the RSC from last year into rows..I have four rows to go until I have a flimsy!  My shoulders are killing me and it is 1 AM so I think I can finish that tomorrow and I sure I can find some other stuff to work on too!


Vireya said...

Sounds like a fun Christmas. I love your display of mini quilts. Your mystery is looking really good!

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

What a fun Christmas. We also are downsizing he gifts. I love your Jim Shore ornament, very nice. Great colors for the Allietare! Love those units. You have been very busy. Happy New Year.

Lisa said...

Ouch, nasty unpicking LOL. I'm enjoying seeing your colours coming together on the mystery.

gayle said...

You got a lot accomplished!
I love your colors for the mystery - your quilt is going to be gorgeous!

TheEclecticAbuela said...

Happy New Year!

Jo said...

Wow you have managed heaps... Well done with progress

Quilter Kathy said...

Love the quilty angel and the Jim Shore ornament!
You must have been a good girl this year!
Your mystery blocks look awesome!

lourixe said...

I had a couple of episodes of "reverse sewing" myself, too! At least I was able to detect and correct them before they were assembled and quilted! You are so lucky to have your studio/quilting haven.