Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Swoonalong 2013--Are You In?

Remember awhile back there was a Swoonalong happening all over blogland?  I missed it.  Just way too much on my sewing table to get to it, though I wanted to.  Then, as luck would have it last April, I saw Danny's Bee blocks (which I think maybe were technically Carpenter's Star blocks made from a free pattern) at the PHXMQG meeting and I was doubly sorry I hadn't swooned along!  I went ahead and bought the pattern and put it on my someday list. Here is a picture of Danny's blocks...love that she had everyone use a little tiny print for her background fabric! 

Then I found a blog that I had previously overlooked somehow.  Sarah is going to be trouble for me, she already influenced me to buy a cool book because of a post she made with pictures of the coolest quilt (the book is "Hand Quilted with Love" if you want to know) and now she has me jumping on the swoonalong train.  Sarah is all the way in Ireland, who knew that quilty influence could go so far! 
So any chance you missed the Swoon boat the first time around and you are jumping in along with me?  We are getting the pattern and picking the fabrics this week so plenty of time--and you are going to wish you did!  So head on over to Sarah's blog and grab the button and let's get started!


Moneik said...

I'll try to play along. I have mine all cut out in kits and ready to sew, just keep putting it to the side. I think I have 3 done so far, plus another whoops block that will become a wall hanging.

Tiffany said...

That looks like a great inpirational blog! Great, now I'm adding to my list when I'm supposed to be cleaning it up!

Quilter Kathy said...

Thanks so much....this is exactly what I need!

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