Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Precision Piecing--A Crafsy Review

I have taken several quilting and knitting classes on Craftsy.   I love that I can keep the class and materials forever to refer back to.  They even offer some classes for FREE so people can try it out and see if they like the platform and set up.  As a sign language interpreter who happens to be hard of hearing, I love that many of the classes are also captioned so that Deaf and hard of hearing people can participate too.  For these and other reasons, I really love Craftsy!  So that brings me to why I am telling you all of this.  

I was asked to do a review of Norah McMeeking's "Precision Piecing" quilting class on Craftsy.   Norah is a graphic designer as well as a quilter.  I am not a precision piecer by any means so this was a great class for me to pick up some tips!  The class includes three projects;  Amish Pinwheels, Stained Glass Windows, and the Emerald Ring.  Norah shows her students step by step (starting with cutting the fabric correctly) and isn't afraid to let us see her mistakes.  She uses them as learning opportunities for us to learn how to unpick a seam and her attitude is one of enjoying the process!  In each section she leaves us with "homework" so that when we move on to the next lesson we will be ready proceed.  I really like the way things are organized sequentially and that the projects get more challenging as we go.

In Amish Pinwheels, students learn traditional piecing, Y seams, and eight point matches.  In the Stained Glass Windows section, she demonstrates English paper piecing showing us how to use foundation piecing for exact seams.  In this section she shows us how to pin for more accuracy as well as how to unpick some of the seam and spin it for flatter work.  She even has tips for how to take off the foundation paper.  In the Emerald Ring lesson there is more paper piecing, curved seams and even tapers.  I love that her "mistakes" turn into new designs!  
I plan on trying out the Stained Glass Window pattern--I love the bold colors and think it would be a challenge for me, but I know with Norah's help I can do it!

If you think this class is for you, Crafsty is offering it at 50% off if you follow this link!

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