Sunday, June 2, 2013

More Quilted Quilts and a 90 Day Challenge!

 JoAnne sent me pictures of the quilts that are winging their way to us and they should be arriving next week.  This first pair of pictures is Kathy's Easy Street Mystery Quilt.  This is for her sister and hubby.
 Kind of cool how you can see the blocks through that light strip!
 These next pictures are Jordan's (Kathy's niece) and was the new year's eve day mystery quilt we did six months ago.  This one is mine, no pics yet of Jonathan's matching (but for the fabrics) quilt.
 Now I am already looking forward to next year's mystery.  I saw today that a summer mystery is getting started on that same group but I don't think I will be fitting that in my sewing schedule!
I spent about six hours yesterday in the quarterly board meeting for our modern quilt guild.  Then after that I came home and typed up the lengthy minutes and worked on various things I was assigned to do.  There was no sewing at all in my day!  Today I have time to get in there but I am not feeling terribly motivated right now.  
Yesterday Kathy and I started a 90 day challenge of healthier eating and getting more exercise.  First day was a breeze we will see what today brings.  We have set some goals (both hoping to lose thirty pounds in the 90 days) and have made some charts, weekly menus, etc.  My biggest eating issue is my nightly ice cream habit.  It is harder to give up than crack (not that I would know, but seriously it is hard!) and so I substituted Yoplait greek yogurt and did my best to pretend it was what I wanted.  Sometimes I wish I drank...seriously!  So I will be posting updates as we go among my quilty stuff...if you aren't interested, just skip over it.  I am sure if we are successful I will say more and if not less.  It is time and at the end of 90 days we will be reassessing and figuring out what is next, but we both know we need to make changes that will be permanent for all our days...90 days just seems a bit more doable at this time!  We are using myfitnesspal if any of you do and want to friend us!


Grit said...

Easy Street looks so fantastic .

Greetings from Germany, Grit

scraphappy said...

Have you tried the yoplait that goes in the freezer? It is almost as good as the real thing. Activia has a Greek yogurt now too--pretty tasty. Good luck with your challenge.

Kevin the Quilter said...

Easy Street looks fantastic! New Year's Eve Day Mystery? Do tell???

Amy said...

Oh wow! Kathy's Easy Street is Ah-MAZING! Beautiful colors!

I love hearing about the challenge and look forward to your update posts :) I no longer use the MyfitnessPal app, so I won't be keeping up with you that way.