Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sweet Saturday Sewing the Blues

 Yesterday Kathy and I went and babysat our new nephew Colton and in between watching him I did a little lace sock knitting.  :)
 Today I had a lot of fun in the sewing room.  (I have been having lots of migraines this week and today's went away around 2 PM and I was happy to sew without a throbbing head!).  I had to paper piece this cute little gnome guy.
 Did my two blue Jack in the Box blocks for Angela's Rainbow BOM with obviously is BLUE this month!  Kathy also did her Scrap Jar Stars in blue.
 I am a titch behind on the Skillbuilder BOM.  I have decided I am only doing the blocks I want and I have no plans to quilt them individually...that takes the pressure off.  So here is the Woven Star from Alyssa's Skillbuilder BOM which was a fun one to make.
 This is the Cheveron Block..I decided to do this one in Packer colors.  It will be turned into a pillow backed in Packer fabric and most likely will be a gift for my sister who has a Packer room :) GO PACK GO!
 I have been watching Centennial on the DVD player and occasionally listening to Great Expectations too.  I love having cable in my quilting studio again so sometimes I watch my TIVO stuff (now I can watch it in any room that has cable..whoot, whoot).
 I have a huge start on my blue spools.  Have more left to go, and weeded out the doubles I had.  I really enjoyed my day of sewing the blues!


Amy said...

Woohoooo! Just spent the last few moments catching up on all your progress over the past couple of weeks. Holy buckets girl! LOADED posts :)
Wild/gooseys are ADORABLE and will simply have to resist making up some of my own (ya really can't beat a Bonnie idea, though, huh?) :)
Great knitting on the sock(s)! Loving the colors.

Thanks for the FB post the other day; it was enough to give me some motivation that I needed to make my way back to my own blog. Luv ya girl! It sounds like life is treating you wonderfully well. You are so deserving. :)

scraphappy said...

What a fun day! So many fun projects in the works. Just the begining of the month, but already you have a big jump on blue.

Karen said...

Your Gnome is cute. Great blue blocks.

Sheila said...

Great blocks Andee and Kathy. It's going to be a good month :D