Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Migraine Monday :)

 Stayed home from work with another migraine yesterday.  Took a triptan and pretty much hung out in bed sleeping on and off all day.  Finally at about six PM I felt better and sewed up two more scrappy bargello blocks (the blue green ones above) and laid them out with the others to see how it is growing. No plans for this quilt--not even for sure these will all wind up in the same quilt, but the pile is growing.
Kathy is working on unsewing a unit and fixing them so she can get this block part together.  I only sewed about an hour and then went back to bed and started sewing on my purple sock.
 It is the same lace pattern that I am working on with Becky.  I just thought I would get going on an actual pair.  Before long I will have three different socks that don't match!  HA!

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