Sunday, April 15, 2012

Two Finishes and a Schnibbles!

I got the binding on Randy's Orca/Green Bay Quilt and snagged it off his bed for a picture. He loves it and is happy to have the very old and sort of holey strawberry quilt off his bed!
I also got the binding on Suli and Diegos' wedding quilt for their June wedding. Both these quilts still need labels, but other than that they are done!
Today Kathy, Becky and June (along with Phideaux) came over to sew. We really had a nice day of gabbing and sewing and ate some Papa Murphy's pizza too.
I was working on my Summer Day Schnibbles quilt...trimmed up all my geese yesterday and today.
Sewed them into blocks and trimmed those up too. Then sewed them into a top.
And added borders to it. It is a sweet little quilt and I am pretty sure this one will be for Randy's daughter Rachel's first baby. She lives in Norway and is a few months pregnant. No idea if it is a boy or a girl, so I think this little quilt will be a good one to send her!
So another finish for April's list...Whoot, whoot!


Debbie said...

Looks like a fun and productive sewing day. Must have been a weekend for schnibbles...Great baby quilt

Shannon said...

Great job!! Wow they all look so good!!