Sunday, April 22, 2012

Shopping a Quilter in the Sky's Stash

BJ's good friend from high school, Gail, had an estate sale yesterday in which she was selling her sister's (a quilter in the sky) stash.  BJ and I were more than happy to make sure all this amazing fabric gets put to good quilting use.  I spent about 65 dollars and got bags and bags of fabric, a roll of batting, thread, patterns and various other things not even quilt related. I started out by organizing the fabric by color or style.  
 Batiks...I only took a few that I really liked because BJ is the batik lover so I mostly helped her gather those.  But I couldn't pass up the rainbow looking one and the dolphin one.

 These are the novelty looking fabrics I got.  Several larger chunks including one that has suitcases and says Paris that will wind up in a backing for my neice's wedding quilt (she loves Paris).  That yellow with the strawberries has already found its way into some burp cloths!
 Found these Halloween fabrics...I am hoping that they turn into a future Schnibbles!
 I took just about any Christmas fabric I could find even if I didn't particularly like it .  I didn't have much left after making lots of tablerunners last year and I figure I can use something sort of ugly for backing more tablerunners!  I love the blue with snowflakes and the pinkish red poinsettias!
 What a rainbow of color!  I was so happy to get so many blues because though it is my favorite color I never seem to buy much of it...I think I always assume I have lots of it, lol.  Kathy and Randy came along and we went to breakfast at IHop after with BJ...and Kathy spent her time looking for anything white because one can never have enough white on white.
 Just some of the thread I got, there was lots more.  I will not be needing thread for awhile!  These Chocolate Traveler tins I took because I thought I could make them into little sewing kits to gift or give away.

 I got a few pieces of Asian looking fabric to add to the five fat quarters I bought just after my Dad died.  I will eventually make something with them.  A few of those pieces might actually be civil way fabric, lol I couldn't tell!  There were also a few pre-cut squares of civil war and 30's fabric.  I seriously love so much of this fabric and I hope Gail's sister is smiling down as she sees it come together into quilts and such!
 Several patterns that I hope to make.  There were TONS of patterns, but most of them were not my style.

 I also got a ZILLION zippers in every color under the sun.  I filled my jar with them and next month for Christmas through the year I will be making zip up bags.  Zippers have gotten really expensive and I only had a few left so this is great.
 This rainbow fabric is one of my favorites!  Here is Bug helping me sew the backing for the Rainbow colored Pineapple Blossom quilt.  I used fabric ALL from my new stash.
 Here is the backing for it.
 After putting everything away in my drawers (it ALL fit because I really had used a lot of what I had) I only had a little bit left to fold and add to my shelf.  I couldn't believe that I had a place to put it all neatly!  It really was the best day I have had since losing DJ.  Fabric makes me happy.  Thank God!  I also used up the leftover squares to piece a backing for the Schnibbles Summer Day baby quilt that I think is going to Rachel (my honorary daughter) in Norway who is expecting her first baby.

 Here it is with the front of the quilt so you can remember what that looked like.  I also have been knitting again.  Finished up the orange one and completed the Suns colored one and weaved in the ends of the other two.  I am now working on a Tribble  I am starting an intermediate knitting class next weekend and am looking forward to it.

Kathy and I are off to see her niece and then to help June get organized because it looks like she may be moving sooner than she expected.  Hope to sew more later!


scraphappy said...

Wow! You managed to collect quite a bit of fabric. Most impressive shopping. So fun that you already have plans for most of it. Your two backings are fabulous. Must mean that finished quilts are on the horizon?

Roslyn said...

I saw some of this quilty bounty & BJ shared a little of hers with me, a coupe of pieces of Aussie fabric too!