Sunday, January 10, 2021

Mystery Progress Continues--and rejoining the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!

Stopped in to see Hazel last week.  She loves her tummy time!  Learned how to play Sylvion and it is my new favorite solo game!  
Grassy Creek's reveal came out....paused from it and....Sewed up the clue for Morewood Mystery, looks like candy.  Next clue in a month so it will be waiting.  
Today I sewed online with Dr. Kathy, Becky, and Barb...had some issues with the Pine Tree Point Quiltville quilt....I decided to make one block a month for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge since I have missed doing it the past few years.  
Lots of ripping...I learned to start from the trunk and sew upward for best results, and to put in my floating strip before the aqua!  Also should keep to more pink reading fabrics and not those with too much background!  Linking up with the RAINBOW SCRAP CHALLENGE!
Also cut and trimmed all of my clue five Grassy Creeks...the strips you see are all leftover that I cut to a smaller size.  They will find their way into something.  The HUGE roll is yet to be cut up and corners added before I can go on to the reveal clue (which has about five clues in it if you ask me!).  



scraphappy said...

Even if the pine tree gave you fits, it looks fabulous, surely the next one will go together more easily.

Susie H said...

I think your pine tree block looks great! Have fun keeping up with all your QALs. Sure makes life fun! And speaking of fun, that little Hazel is adorable with those chubby little cheeks!

Ivani said...

Your pink pine is pretty and prefect for RSC.