Monday, November 28, 2016

Quiltville Mystery Quilts Parade

In order of when Bonnie offered them, here are my previous mystery quilts:
**some of these quilt patterns are still free online at Quiltville, others are in Bonnie's books**

1. Carolina Crossroads was the first mystery quilt Bonnie offered online in 2007.  I joined the quiltvillechat yahoo group after it had started so I decided to join in on the next mystery.  Finally in June of 2010 I started working on it and after about a year I finished it!  I loved Bonnie's colors so I didn't change anything and I gave it to my brother Sam and his wife Tiffany.

2. Orange Crush was the second mystery, but was actually my first!  Made in Spring of 2008--in the beginning there was more than one mystery per year. I didn't change up any colors for this one either.  This is the quilt that made me fall in love with scrappy!  I gave it to Kathy's niece Megan and have been wanting it back ever since!

3. Tobacco Road was the August 2008 mystery.  I didn't make this one at the time either.  I was teaching and had WAY too much prep to do since I was using a different curriculum than I had always used.  Kathy and I later went back and tag teamed on this one. It doesn't have a home yet.

4. Double Delight was the January 2009 mystery.  This one is on my bed and is the first time I used cheddar.  Cheddar is now an absolute favorite of mine!

5. Christmas Lights was a Quiltmaker mystery that Bonnie designed starting in the July/August 2009 issue. It is our Christmas Quilt.  It was much easier than the previous mysteries since it was only three parts.  It is still a great design and was really fun to make!

6. Carolina Christmas was the next online mystery in 2009.  This is the first one that I decided to mess with the colors!  I had just done a Christmas quilt and wanted something with purple in it for my daughter Hannah.  Here is the result.  

7. Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll was the 2010 mystery.  This was my first time making string blocks.  I didn't like them--then suddenly I LOVED them.  This one is still at my house--I have a hard time parting with Bonnie's quilts!

8. Orca Bay/Green Bay was the 2011 mystery.  I didn't have the colors Bonnie suggested  in the right quantities and so I decided to use two fat quarter stacks of greens and golds.  Near the end I suddenly realized I had a PACKER quilt!  I gave it to Randy--it was so hard to part with!

9. Easy Street was the 2013 mystery. This quilt was given to my god-daughter Kelsey for her high school graduation.  

10. Lazy Sunday was a four part mystery in Quiltmaker magazine starting in March/April of 2013.  I was inspired by a Better Homes and Gardens palette and changed up Bonnie's colors.  It doesn't have a home yet either--and in fact just came off Ros' longarm a day or two ago.  I will get it on Saturday and will get it bound soon. 

11.  Celtic Solstice is going to be number I have changed up the colors and am hoping that it will be another Packer colored quilt.  

12. Grand Illusion 

13. Allietare!

14. En Provence

I have enjoyed making each and every one of these quilts and my understanding of quilting, color, quarter inch seams, etc. has really grown with each quilt Bonnie offers.  Step by step (and with awesome pictures) I can sew anything.  How many Bonnie mysteries have you made?
P.S. If you want to see all the Bonnie quilts (not just the mysteries) check out my Quiltvile Parade page.  
Thanks to Kathy for inspiring me to create my own parade of Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilts!  


Vireya said...

What a fantastic collection!

I watched on for a few mysteries, too chicken to join in. Saved the files, but didn't participate. I finally got up the courage for Easy Street, and now I wouldn't miss it for anything! It is so much fun. I love the excitement of so many people working on the same project, and seeing all the different results. I think Bonnie's designs just get better and better. I love each quilt better than the last!

I might still go back and make small versions of the ones where I just saved the patterns. There's a couple I really regret sitting out.

Bente Antonsen said...

What a collection!!! I am really impressed. Participating in the Mystery in December makes the winter short and keeps the winterdepression away. During the Polar night from 20th of november till 20th of january we do not have much daylight because the sun is under the horizont. I have my best quilting time at this part of the year and a Bonnie Hunter Mystery is perfect.I love making BH quilts and use up loads of old fabrics.

The Joyful Quilter said...

AWESOME inspiration, Andee!! Oh, the ones that got away... looking forward to making the BH Mysteries that made it into books. SOMEDAY!! Me? I'm on Mystery number three. One and two still need to be completed, but first I need to get started on the current one!!

Béa said...

Wonderful parade Andy, all your quilts are beautiful.I finished only 4 Bonnie's mysteries. XXX

Kevin the Quilter said...

You are a virtual Bonnie/Quiltville historian! AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! On so many levels!

helen said...

I love your Allietare-quilt! If I had seen it before, I would have used the same shades!! :)
Best wishes!