Saturday, February 6, 2016

Trash to Treasure Auction and Sewing Saturday!

 Nimble Thimbles had a full house for our Trash to Treasure auction!  This is a fun event where we donate all the crafty items we don't want and after a committee kits them up into bags we have an opportunity to bid on the item for a quarter and if our number is drawn we win!  Right off the bat, Kathy won and then won again!  I won several times too.
 There is a gal in our guild who is from Chippewa Falls (where I lived before moving here and where my Dad and Mom's mom is from) and apparently I won some of her stuff.  I have shopped at this shop before it closed.
 Also won these blocks, the pattern and extra fabric to complete the table runner. Some of the blocks are already appliqued too.
 Here is the rest of our haul...the stuff we are keeping anyway.

 All told we bid about twelve bucks!  I am still putting it all away!
 Today we went to 35 th Ave. and got our next ten dollar block of the month.  After that we hit several Goodwills since it was half off day.  I got some deals on clothes...moving my way into a size 16..whoot, whoot!  After that we had a frozen yogurt treat and renewed our library cards so I could keep getting free audiobooks.  Since I am freelancing more, I get more car time and am listening to audiobooks on my ipod.

 I then started and finished clue five for the Nimble Thimbles Mystery.  It is coming along nicely--rather different looking block on the left.  Not so sure I love the grey in that position but that is alright.
 We finally got a chance to recover the ironing board again.  Seems like we have to do it every six months or so. It winds up getting worn through in the area we use the most and then it is a pain to iron on it.  We went with this crazy bowling fabric (which I got from my now ex sister in law for Christmas many years ago) since it is a heavier fabric and I really have little use for bowling fabric.  I kept it all this time because I thought it was cute.

 I then spent what seemed like forever cutting for Circa 2016. I wanted lots of variety, so I got it!
 The new bowling background on the ironing board is rather a busy backdrop!  Clue 5.

 And all the blocks so far. We watched the movie Alive and then Mile, Mile and a Half while we sewed too.
Tomorrow I am hiking with Becky and the kids.  Looking forward to it!


Quilter Kathy said...

I wish I would recover my ironing board!!
Love your Circa blocks!

Roslyn Atwood said...

I love the Nimble Fingers blocks esp. the one on the left with the gray! lol.
sorry you guys are both sick yuk.
I buy the shiny silver fabric for ironing boards at Joann and it lasts a long time much better than reg.fabric and the reflective surface makes ironing more efficient.
might be worth a try on a 50% coupon next time!

Josie McRazie said...

Hey we normally spend a long weekend in Chippewa Falls! Normally Fathers Day for the Leinenkugel Family Reunion! And the FATFAR!! of course we do the winerys in the area and stay at our favorite campground Lake Wisota! Such a beautiful place!! And cant forget to stop by The Edge and have their AMAZING jalapeno cheese poppers!! Great now I'm hungry for those!! ;0)