Sunday, September 13, 2015

Productive Day has More Progress!

I Skype sewed with Barb while Kathy continued work on getting her rows together for Grand Illusion.  A few weeks ago I had decided on a quilt to do for the Nimble Thimbles President's Challenge--Turkey Tracks and had picked out the fabrics.  Today I cut them all out and sewed this together.  The solid red was given to us by Suzie who is our guild president and we were to use it (and add what we want) to a small quilt which is to be bound in black. She also gave us two thimble charms--one to add to the front and one to the label since we are the Nimble Thimbles. It is supposed to represent what Nimble Thimbles means to me.  So Barb helped me come up with a fun name for the quilt--Making tracks to Guild!  I put the quilt themed words in the center (not sure how I am liking them with the green border) to related it to quilting and thought doing four unique fabrics conveys how each member is unique.  I may make another one (I accidentally cut out almost a full set of double blocks (the pattern was for two in one color red and two in a second red..I did all four different colors) so I might as well do one for a future NT quilt auction and one for the challenge for me to keep.  May change the sashing and see if I like it better.
Anyways it was fun and went together in a few hours.
My migraine was gone today by mid morning.  It was THE most productive day I have had in awhile! It was so nice to not feel like housecleaning, laundry, sheets done and worked out thirty minutes on the elliptical too. I LOVE myself a Sunday!  Oh and the Packers won!

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