Sunday, September 13, 2015

Book Look Blogger's Review of "Brave Queen Esther"

It has been awhile since I did a book review and this book has been waiting patiently for me to get around to it.  From the Adventure Bible Series "Brave Queen Esther" is illustrated by David Miles.  I was looking forward to the book because I do love to hear stories of the women of the bible, however I was not crazy for this story.  I think the lens I look at books is a bit feminist and I would not want to read a story to my children or grandchildren in which the woman is chosen to marry the king because she is beautiful. Why are no internal character traits included?  This ruined the story for me.  
Anyway the story is retold from the bible and is one in which Esther and her cousin Mordecai are secretly Jewish and live in the king's palace.  Another man, Haman, advised the king to be rid of all the Jews and after some prayer Esther went and and confessed her religion to the king and asked him to spare her people. The king agrees and Haman is arrested.  
The story is an "I Can Read! Level 2" book for young children, but it is a bit simplistic with many details that help the story to make sense left out.  Its one redeeming characteristic were the pictures.  Realistic but colorful and fun the pictures were bright and well done.
I was disappointed in this book though I am sure it is difficult to condense a complicated bible story into a book for children--this book gets a 2 from me.

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Roslyn said...

I love this story Angela because although Esther is originally chosen for her beauty it is her courage and goodness that turn King Xerxes heart to her and cause him to order the edict that saves the Jewish people so I think the story has a saving grace. Esther exemplifies the model of strength and great faith and it is this story that is integral to the Feast of Purim another reminder to God's Chosen People of a time when He saved them.