Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday and I am Feeling Fine!

 Today I am back to normal!  We actually drove up to see my parents (and get some scarves and jewelry for a Glamour Shots thing in a few weeks) and got to see Colton who is almost two already!  We had sushi for dinner on the way home and stopped and got groceries and prescriptions.  After getting home I finally filled out the paperwork for my tax accountant so that is ready to be mailed tomorrow and then I paid bills and did paperwork cleanup (it overtakes the house in a week) and then I still had energy left to go and sew for a bit.  First up I did the Wild and Goosey block for the week and then I finally added the labels to my great aunt Sally and Jean Ann's quilts.  Tomorrow I hope to photograph them in the sunshine and get them boxed up to mail.
 I did sew and press some more hst's for clue four of Orange Crush.  Goal is to get those done during the week so this weekend I can get the blocks together and complete clue four.
I also continued work on the Nimble Thimbles block party block for March.  I was very careful with this (the star points are all paper pieced and are perfect) but the nine patches seem to be a titch undersized.  I have a perfect quarter inch now but perhaps I should have gone scant.  In any event, I started taking this apart and I will work on improving it.  I may redo the nine patches so they are just a tad bigger.  Still plenty of time before it needs to be done, and I want it to be decent since someone else will likely be taking it home.
Really looking forward to going back to work tomorrow at the college.  I gave my notice at my phone interpreting job the Friday before I got sick and so I am done there--just have to turn in my key on Tuesday.  I start my new phone interpreting job a week from Monday (during Spring Break from my college job) and I am really looking forward to the new atmosphere.  Most of my close co-workers already made the switch.  The place is super close to my college job and actually a lot closer to my house than the old job.  All in all I think it is a good move, though I accepted less money I think the psychological perks alone are worth it (nevermind the gas saved and the fact that I can schedule it with my college job's gaps!).  I am also trying to do a little freelance every week or so.
I am also looking forward to getting back to hiking and Pilates!  I will try Pilates on Wednesday and Friday and see if I am ready to do jump pilates again on Saturday.  May try an easy hike tomorrow after work--more like a walk in the mountains, but it is a start!


Scrappy quilter said...

So good to hear you are feeling better. Nice blocks.

Kathy S. said...

Sounds like you are on the mend. Good luck with your new job. Sewing always makes everything better -- especially those scrappy wild 'n goosey blocks. Can't wait to see your glamour shots.

Julierose said...

Happy to hear you are feeling ok--just take it really slow on the exercise--(listen to your pseudo-Momma here ;-)))
I am hoping we can find a cleared walkway to go outside and walk this afternoon.
Isn't it great to feel better after feeling lousy?? It renews your energy for sure....hugs, Julierose

The Joyful Quilter said...

Hooray!! So glad to hear that you were feeling well enough to sew. :o))