Sunday, November 24, 2013

Another Taste of Rock Candy!

 I did get in some sewing this weekend despite making homemade chicken soup, Chicken Mahkani, pumpkin bread and spice bars this weekend and watching an incredibly long, nail biting Packer game--which ended in a tie--WHAT!  I made several sets of hand warmers to send back to the boys in Wisconsin that are on my Christmas list.
 I took a picture of four of the Rock Candy tabletoppers we had already made (one we gave to Lexi when she was here).  These Halloween ones will go to my sister, sister in law and mom for Christmas.  LOL they won't be able to use them til next year, but it was SO much fun to make them with Halloween fabric.
 Here is a shot of my quilts and backings in my guest room closet!  So happy to get them out of the drawer they were stuffed in, and I am sure Ros will be happy about that too!  I am seriously getting behind on getting them quilted, but the budget just isn't allowing me to go nuts just now.

 This is block FIFTEEN of Wild and Goosey.  Slow and Steady I say.
 Kathy has been working on quilting this block by block and is at this very moment attaching the last two rows!  She will be giving it to a friend of hers for Christmas.
 We both got our 35th Ave. BOM done (mine is pictured).  In December we will get the instructions to put the whole thing together!
 Bug has found a new place to keep the leftover bits and batting bucket which has been out while Kathy has been working on quilting block by block.
 Saturday morning Randy and I went to the Swap Meet in Mesa.  I got some Christmas gifts (which I spent some time organizing and wrapping today) and I got us three different things for our Packer guest room.  It is coming together.
 I also made my pressing board.
 I played in my button collection.
 I made the first ornament for the online swap I signed up for (on yahoo, not a blogger).  Free tutorial is at Bugs and Fishes.
 Then I made ornament number two for the same swap.  The free tutorial is at  Stumbles and Stitches I also made an extra one...

 Then I made thirteen more in Celtic Solstice colors for the gals who are coming to In Stitches this Saturday for our Sew-Off party!  Shh, Ros don't tell the others..I think you are the only one that reads my blog from the group.  I even made an extra one to send to Bonnie!

 Then I made these two Packer Rock Candy tabletoppers for the Packer guest room too.  We have plans to make more (Kathy does the quilting, I did the rest) in Packer colors too.
 Here is one on the table!

We also spray basted and pinned the baby quilt for Ashley's baby girl.  I really meant to quilt this this weekend, but I ran out of time!  I should also mention that this Marmalade Squares baby quilt (free pattern on Moda Bake Shop) has an updated pattern on there now.  You may remember I had a slight rant about my difficulty with the pattern.  I never thought it would find its way to the creator of the pattern--Katie of Swim, Bike, Quilt  but it did.  She was gracious enough to write me and apologize for the error and let me know things had been corrected.  I feel bad to not just have emailed her and mentioned my problem--but really didn't think she would take notice of it.  So big shout out to the enormously talented Katie!  I will be making this quilt again--because I really do love it!

Here is Kathy's Crossroads Quilt for Susan--she finished while I was still blogging!  I think I can hear her doing the scrappy binding now!


Kevin the Quilter said...

Andee! I'm worn out after reading this! Good night! You all have been busy little elves!

scraphappy said...

No wonder you ran out of time. Goodness, what a lot of sewing! Your packer room is looking quite festive. What a fun theme to keep working on.

Roslyn said...

Oh cool I love that you are sending a stocking to Bonnie! I won't tell a soul…..
Love the Packer room too, nice to have a spare!
As usual you have been super busy.
I think Lazy Sunday may be the new pic for your header!