Saturday, September 17, 2011

Shop Hop Day Two :)

First I am SO happy that the missing cameral cord was located by my roommate! Now I can show you the phots from yesterday and today. Here is Auntie's Anvil designed by Bonnie K. Hunter...hoping to make another one of these blocks tonight but we will see how it goes.

The purple fabric will back Hannah's wallhanging (made of hst's left over from Carolina Christmas) though it is still in progress. The orange I just LOVED...Orange Crush mystery quilt turned me into an orange fabric lover. The gal who cut it was oohing and aahing over too, she had an orange shirt on.

  1. This is the panel DJ wanted...she is going to try quilting it herself. She can hardly wait. I still have several things waiting for me to quilt so...
    One of the gals who was supposed to come with us today got in a major car accident five minutes from Ros' house this morning. Lauren is fine but her car is toast. We all decided to go ahead and pick up some civil war fabric for her sinice she was missing the first leg of the shop hop...her first one. When we were at the Bernina Connection, one of the owners heard the story and told us to pick out a half dozen fat eights to give to her on her behalf. Seriously a generous thing to do. I have to say they are a fabulous store! Here is a picture of the four of us that got to go (DJ went too but didn't pose...she snapped the pics oh and she didn't wear a tiarra either) so here are Alissa, BJ, Ros and I all bejeweled at The Cutting Edge. We had lunch down the street at Pockets. It was a compromise since we had gotten off to a late start we didn't really want a long drawn out meal, but some of us were hungry! The food was amazingly good and after Ros located her missing credit card (read purse, search car, call quilt shop, and search purse again only to have it turn up after ten minutes) we had a nice lunch!

    Here are my purchases from Zoe's Trunk. The three fat quarter on the right are for Alicia. The two in middle are mine and the Halloween charm squares are mine too!

Next we went to Quilter's Oasis....this store is super friendly and we got quite a welcome from the customers who loved our tiarras. It was really year we might make T shirts, lol. I found these fabrics...the red civil war one will be part of my civil war swap on quiltvilleswap, the blue with the birds I will make some tissue covers with, it was just too cute to pass up and on clearance too. Last year I bought their special and this year I did too. They had the Deb Tucker Square will make trimming up square in a squares a cinch and since the tool last year was also a Deb Tucker and is my current favorite ruler I had to have it.

Our last stop of the day was Bernina Connection. This is Ros favorite store and I found several fabric deals. I was tempted by their special (an electronic seam ripper) but decided to try this other similar thing I have at home first. The grey alcohol fabric is for the back of Randy's Smith Mountain Morning (once it is together) and it was half off! The Halloween fabric was also half off and will be the back of whatever I make out of the charm squares or the panel I have at home. I picked out a few other little goodies and bought the shop hop pattern. I had been thinking about it and since I can use my new Deb Tucker ruler with it just decided to get it. May dig out my long had and not used batiks to make one of the "Sparkle, Shine and Shimmer" quilts. Here is the pattern pic a little closer up. Every store had this pattern on display, and each one was different. Really cool how the fabric choices create such variety!

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Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Fun loot! Ohhh....I wish I had a group of ladies like you to go out and enjoy some shop hoppin'!