Saturday, October 9, 2010

Phoenix Modern Quild Guild Meeting

Today the Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild met for the second time. There were nine people who came to the meeting, only one of which was at the first was so nice to meet so many people who love fabric, quilting, learning different things and drooling over quilts! I think I have most of the names right and whose quilt was whose...

We met at Joe's Farm Grill (which is an amazing place with lots of picnic tables and shade and good food and such) and started out with a show and tell. This first quilt is Marjorie's. I believe she said she dyed this fabric herself and then pieced it and appliqued it and then hand quilted it!

She is the gal to the left of the quilt.

This is BJ and one of her previous mysteries. She loves brights and this one is a lot of fun.

BJ also brought her love quilt gifted to her by the ladies on quilt-talk (I believe) from when her beloved Kicker passed away a year and a half ago. I hadn't seen this one in person, what fun! We were supposed to bring our favorite says alot that this is the one BJ brought! I didn't get a picture of me holding up my Flock of Triangles quilt but that is the one I brought just because it is the only "modern" looking quilt I have here and because I wanted to finish up the binding (which I did!)...however we tried to come up with a definiton of what made a quilt modern and in the end it didn't really matter...maybe that is what is modern about it, lol...

This is Kerry. She lives the closest to me of the gals I met (as far as I know) and so we hope to see each other some! We had to persuade her to show us what was in her glad we did because she had lots in it! These were inspired from Oh Franson I believe. She explained how they were done so that everything lines up just so...I love the blocks.

Here are several of us admiring them!

She also dyed some fabric using wax and it looks great! She is going to teach us all how it is done in the Spring. How fun is that? Next Kerry pulled this braided beauty out of her bag. It is so sweet!

Then one more! Love the big flowers on this.

I didn't get to talk too much to Michelle and ??Jill because they were sitting all the way on the other side of the other picnic table, but they look like they had a good time :)

This is Jamie with a 12 Days of Christmas quilt. It had a really soft back on it (minkee I think) which made me want to take it home! Love this fabric...Love the different size pieces in her quilt.
This next one is also Jamie's!

This top was my absolute favorite one we saw. It was hard to choose, but Denyse Schmidt fabrics and the big zig. I have a similar ish pattern and now I want to make one too. LOL, I know who to follow!

Don't you just want one of those?

Not sure if you can tell from far away, but this is actually paper. Michelle made this pattern herself and I may just be buying it from her down the road. I just started following her blog and love her stuff. She was asked to be in an art show (me too!) and so had given her other quilt to the gal for photos and so brought us this. She is going to be speed making it before the show. I absolutely can't wait to see it. She showed us another idea she had that she plans to make and that will be cool too.

This sweet cowboy quilt was Jill's. She said she is pretty new to quilting but you wouldn't know it by this quilt. Love the colors!
This is Tiffany with her quilt. I think she said it was her first! The kid in the tree wasn't with our group, but he enjoyed the show too!

The gal in the red is also named Jamie. She came with her dog Crash who stole all our hearts but didn't bring show and tell because she didn't know if she could make it before we were done. (We gabbed for hours, so she made it!)
This is Jona with her quilt.

She said this was on the cover of McCall's or Quilts and More. I think I have seen it, may even have the issue. It looks nice.
These are also her blocks. I found some Denyse Schmidt in there...everyone found some fabric they loved and knew who designed it!

At the end Jona drew names and gave away some goodies. Jamie # 2, and I and BJ each won a pattern. I won Baby I Do from Cherry House Quilts. I love it!

I also brought my hexies and they all wanted to know how to do them so I may be teaching them how to do that down the line. I am no expert, but am happy to share what I know! We are going to meet again in a month or so and are in touch on facebook too. I am going to track down the blogs of the ones who do blogs and I look forward to gettting to know them all better. It was a great day!


Sweet Baby Jamie said...

That was so much fun!! I just purchased my papers today, so I'll be ready for hexies!!!!

Roslyn said...

I hope I can come next tim Andee looks like a great time!

Jona said...

What a great blog post! I didn't realize you had taken so many pictures! I don't think I can put off starting my hexie addiction much longer.