Saturday, May 9, 2009

My New Machine and Second A is for Adaminaby

I finished up my second A is for Adaminaby which replaced the one I had. The first one went to the quilt auction at camp (since the second one wasn't quite done) and a very nice gal there took it home. The back of that one wasn't great, the second one is MUCH better as I tied it instead of making little x's on it. Blogger won't let me move the pictures around so I moved the text from the end to here. Strange! So the pieced back is the first pic.

I forgot to mention that I arrived at quilt camp a few weeks ago and within four or five hours my Janome machine did its usual fit and stopped working. It seems about four times a year to stop pulling up the threads from underneath. I had just had it in in December or January and I was not happy! I decide to go out and buy an inexpensive machine because the last one I had (a JCPenney 10 or 12 stitch) worked with little or no problems for more than a decade. Though granted I didn't sew near as much. So here is my new baby and it works great.

I need to spend some time today figuring out how to do applique on it because my tablerunner "homework" needs to be done by Tuesday night and I don't know how to make that stitch on this machine. I did use it to zig zag binding together and it worked great for that!

In other news, I have been missing my favorite little pair of scissors for more than a year I think and the other day when I dumped out all my tying thread (variegated DMC floss) there they were! I have used the floss a half dozen times but they were buried in there and I never found them. They aren't the ones in the picture above, they are the geese like ones, gold and expensive too! Happy to have them back!

I heard that Bonnie Hunter has a new mystery quilt pattern coming out in the next issue of Quiltmaker. I can't wait to see the first clue, I am sure I will be joining in even if only to make a small one. Her quilts are among my absolute favorites! Anyone else planning on doing that mystery?


Cyndi said...

Angela, that little quilt is so cute - and reminds me of my little Box of Chocolates I finished a couple months ago. Same colors. And to move pictures around, click on the box that says "Edit HTML" and you can then copy the code for a pic (between "< on blur" and "/ a>) and delete it and repaste it somewhere else. You can play around in the edit html window with left and right text margins and see how it looks. Hope this helps!

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

HEY! No way! I haven't heard about a Mystery of Bonnie's in Quiltmaker---COOL! I'm glad I subscribed a couple of months ago. I'll be looking forward to it! I THINK you can count me in---with summer, I should have a bit more time, and I don't have any deadlines looming on me now, except for a wedding quilt that was just sequestered from me for an August wedding.

Love the A quilt----ADORABLE! :0)

Sue said...

The A Quilt is lovely! Lucky gal who took the first one home.

The new sewing machine looks very spiffy and enough fancy stitches so as not to be overwhelming!. My mum has had a Singer for over 30 years and it has had a lot of use...just keeps going and going.

Nothing worse than losing a favourite pair of scissors....My faves are a pair of the geese scissors, too...which were a gift from DS when he was little....about 20 years ago!

I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day.