Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Whoops on my Double Delight and a Norway Linen

Migraines bad lately...not doing much parents are in town this weekend (at my sister's an hour away) from Texas so I will be going up there this weekend. Hoping I feel better for that. Other problems....
Check out the close up of my Double is hanging waiting for borders and I noticed a WHOOPS block the other of my nine patches is messed up...sigh. I can't leave it or I will lose sleep, so I shall rip it out and fix it! Also plan to scour the whole thing for more whoops!

Last weekend Randy and I stopped at an antique mall for a huge outside flea market they had and for $2.75 this brand new (but who knows how old) linen about Norway on it! Pretty sure it was purchased there because it had a price tag on it that looked like the ones I remember from when I was there. Randy and I visited Norway a few years ago...I was tickled to death to see that the linen had the Stave Church on it which was one of the things we visited while we were there. Here is one of my pictures of it!

We got to see the coast of Norway at Arendal (and stayed on an island there) and travelled by train all the way up to Solvorn where my great grandfather Anton Walker was born and raised before moving to Wisconsin at age 18. I need to type up a blog reminiscing about this trip from the handwritten journal I kept at the the linen brought back a lot of good memories of the trip of a lifetime I got to take. Oh and to make this fabric related too...I bought several meters of a blue plaid and red plaid fabric when I was there and I still don't know what to make with it. I may try to combine it with this linen. If you have any suggestions let me know! Also, tell me about your trip of a lifetime!

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