Monday, April 20, 2009

Productive Weekend at Quilt Camp!

I hardly know where to start...Here is the room we were quilting in at camp. You can see our quilt auction quilts on the back wall and my sewing station is the second machine in from where I am standing. The only glitch in the whole weekend was when my dang Janome machine went kaplooey four hours into the whole deal! Sigh. I ran in to Wal-Mart and got a cheap machine which ran like a top all weekend. The gals all could not believe how fast I returned and got to sewing!

Here are the sleeping quarters. My roommate was Tina. She was a super nice gal though I dind't really get to talk to her much since we were only in the room awake together for about 10 minutes total! Our room is the one right next to the bathroom opening.

Here is the inside of the room. Nothing fancy and I should say that the first night I had the bed with the post...I had to LAUNCH myself in by the light of my cellphone at 2 AM without waking up Tina..not easy to get in a sleeping bag, it involved hitting my head a few times, but I slept all the way through breakfast Saturday morning. I had some migraines, but by Sunday I was finally feeling well.

Had big plans to post what I would be working on before I went..never happened and actually I never got time to make some of this stuff because there just wasn't enough I have these bags all cut out for the nieces and nephews for Christmas but that is where they are at. I did manage to make progress with the two Streak of Lightening quilts in green and pink!

I also brought my completed NYE Mystery designed by Ann B. Smith. I sewed the binding on and got half way through hand sewing it on. It looks great!

One needs the pink border put on but they are together!

And what I was doing all afternoon and until 2 AM Friday and again ALL DAY Saturday finishing around 5 PM is my Double Delight border! You can see it partially done in the first picture, but by the time I got the blue border on the sun had gone and the pic isn't great...will get another one when there is daylight and I am home!

This took forever but adds so much to the quilt that I am happy I did it. I will save this quilt from our house if it ever burns down...seriously...someone posted how many pieces are in that quilt and I can't remember but it is ALOT!
I finally met an online quilt friend who belongs to the group (Hi Becky, that is you) and coincidently she was working on Bonnie Hunter's Carolina Crossroads quilt! She got her whole top together and she was seated across from me by luck and it was such fun. We talked about Bonnie and Quiltville, she brought Bonnie's book and some of the gals were so excited to go buy it and check out the website so that was fun! So here we are side by side (we sewed in the chapel of the camp) with our quilts under us!

Here was our camp mascot. He is a service dog in training (two of the gals train him) and he was very well behaved. The only time I heard him bark was when they told him to speak just after this photo! We made many more quilts than this all told, a few gals left by the time we hung them and a few didn't find space to hang them or didn't come out til later but their quilts were gorgeous too! I have more pics of the individual quilts I may show later on...I feel like I really got to know all the gals or at least most of them. I can't say that I have ever joined a friendly group--seriously nice people who made me feel right at home and who I hope to get to know in the years to come. I will be going back to camp in November!

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Sue said...

You were lucky to get ANY time to sleep! lol DD looks fabulous!