Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Week 12 Starry Eyed Block Done! (Finally some sewing!)

Finally got a chance to sew the Kansas Star Starry Eyed Block from week 12 from the NewQuiltingClub tonight. (Again I am sorry for the underlining, I can't seem to turn it off on this computer which is a dinosaur but better than nothing while I am at Randy's house. Kind of sad my laptop is right next to me and not hooked up to the internet! Here is the link for this block too.
Yay no more underlining after the link...lol. I am going crazy waiting for step six of the Orange Crush to come out. I guess I will start working on Rachel's quilt pretty soon since I don't have the next step. My jobs for tomorrow were canceled and I don't have any for the rest of the week so I should be able to finish the last few pages of Hannah's graduation scrapbook and get some sewing done before the weekend. Also have to hit the grocery store and make some food for the Saturday party, but first I need to clean Randy's fridge! He inherited all the odds and ends and sauces and such from my fridge and you can barely get actual food in it because there is so much of that kind of stuff in it. I am going to clean, combine and toss some stuff tonight while he is at work. He will be happy to get back into his fridge I am sure!
Update on the move in case you are interested: Kathy has the truck all unloaded (with a little help from her nephew Buck, his best friend Tyler, her brother in law Bob, my sister Tina, and my brother in law Joe...her sister plans to come help later this weekend when she isn't working, in school or sleeping too! THANKS TO ALL OF YOU! I feel bad I am not there, but they tried to include me by talking to me on the phone, sending pics, etc so that I could be a part of it all. Kathy is downloading more pics to send me tonight and I can't wait! Most of the boxes are in the right rooms and a bunch have even been unloaded! I hear that a lot of my green depression glass and my Norway dishes broke...I am about sick over that but if that is my worst problem I will take it--I guess. Kathy had a job interview today so cross your fingers she gets positive news by the end of the week. That would make life swell as they say.


Amy said...

First---YEAH! CONGRATS on the job offer!!!! I'm sure the next two months are going to be a complete WHIRL for you!

Second---if you're willing to read and maybe be open to learning...I'll see if I can give you a quick tutor on the underlining mess....
on your previous post, your code shows
"span style="text-decoration: underline;"
inbetween two brackets looking like < >
(I can't acutally type it as-is, because that formatted code would have MY text become underlined :0)
So---what can you do? Look into your preferences (or similar) to make sure "underline" isn't selected.

On THIS post, the reason your text is underlined is because the image gets inserted as a link. At the end of all HTML coding links is a "/a" (again, in the < > brackets) tag command. THIS command ends links. I know you were having difficulties a few weeks back, so if you are still getting the < "mumbo-jumbo.....> stuff in place of an image, BE SURE NOT TO START TYPING until AFTEr the < /a> command.

I don't know if that'll help, or it I just spoke complete Greek to you :0)

OH----I'm also sorry about your glass and dishes! I hope the rest of your move will be going well for you.

Amanda said...

I bet you can't wait to get to your new home now. Let's hope there are no more problems awaiting you.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on getting the new job!! Sounds like it will be interesting.

*gets down on my knees and begs* Can you pppllleeeaaaassseeeee post some pics of your Depression glass when you get settled? I'm a collector too!

Sewnsew in West Oz