Friday, October 5, 2018

Fall Break--Bisbee!

This year's Fall break is happening now.  Kathy is working a different job and cannot yet get time off so we decided to do a weekend getaway to Bisbee and stay at the Shady Dell.  This has been on our list for awhile and with my health (and needing to rest constantly) it was a good fit for this year.  We stayed in the Tiki Bus which was super cool!  We got lots of fun pictures!

We arrived last Friday night and checked thing out in our bus and then went to bed.  There were two small beds (one smaller than the other) so that was an interesting change!  Our bus did have a toilet but no shower, so we had to use the campground showers but they were really nice.
Saturday morning after our showers, more pictures and a quick exploration of the campground, we went to the Copper Queen Mine and got in on the first tour of the day. Neither of us had ever been down in a mine and we got to ride a little train down there.  It was fun but almost two hours long and a lot of standing, some stairs, etc.  so I was worn out after that.  Sounds crazy, but I seem to need to sleep, sit or lay around a lot or I feel like a wet noodle! 

So we went and had breakfast and then shopped for maybe an hour before we headed back to our tiki bus and took a nap and did some reading!  We did go back out for ice cream and a short walk but then came home played games, etc. and early to bed. 
Sunday we went to breakfast at Rosa's which was really good.  We planned to hit the museum but we would have had to wait and hour before it opened so we just hit the road towards home.  We stopped in Tucson and I finally got back to the DeGrazia art studio that I had visited with my parents, sister, Uncle Dan and Grandma Char and Papa Delos when I maybe 10. It was not at all like I remembered it (though it may have changed a lot)!  I do remember meeting DeGrazia on that uncle had a belt buckle with his name on it and DeGrazia actually said something to him like "Hi Dan" and my uncle (only five years older than me at the time) was all flabbergasted as time trying to guess how he knew his name! 

Anyway the stopping on the way home made the ride seem shorter and we were home by late afternoon.  It was a fun little getaway.

I am going to get to sewing later today with my friend Barb and there is one more week of Fall Break left! 


The Joyful Quilter said...

Sounds like you had a really fun weekend!

Vireya said...

Sounds like it was a fun break, even if only for a weekend. The Tiki bus is cute!