Thursday, December 28, 2017

Quilt of Valor and On Ringo Lake Update

I finally had a minute to go and see if Alycia Quilts had posted a picture of my QOV donation after someone quilted it and sure enough I found it--way back in October she posted it.  My life is so crazy busy that I do not get to read all my favorite blogs as much as I used to!  I know Barb and Kathy's were in the same box but I did not find them yet...
Update on On Ringo Lake--I finished clue three sewing at Becky's on Tuesday (she is all caught up and I am behind this year, go figure!).  Then that night Kathy and I hung out in the quilting studio.  She sewed on our clue three while "I cut out her/our clue four and then both of our clue fives.  Tomorrow another clue should be coming out, ack!  We are planning to sew a bit tonight and I am hoping to get to sew some tomorrow after I go to the dentist.  Then we are packing up the sewing stuff to take to Pine for a long weekend with my family.  Maybe we can get caught up, but I won't hold my breath. I am enjoying it all anyways! 


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